How to Drastically Increase Your Sales Page Conversions

The best copywriters in the world do this, although you may never hear about it.
It’s so simple, really, and yet powerful. And once you start doing it, you’ll likely see your sales go up in a really big way.

List Building

Engaging Your Audience with Twitter Chats

If you want to keep your Twitter community vibrant and tuned in, then you need a tactic to grow your following and boost online sales. And Twitter chats might be the answer.


Earn $2870 to Fix a Plugin?

I know a guy who recently bought a WordPress plugin for $47, which included resale and rebranding rights.
But when he tried to use the plugin, it didn’t work right.
Plus, it was missing features that he wanted for his website.

Internet Marketing

Who Are You Wearing Today?

Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with internet marketing, and yet it’s got EVERYTHING to do with becoming whatever it is that you want to be…
…including a million dollar a year marketer.