The 999th Example of Influencer Marketing at Work

While I made that number up, it’s incontrovertible that influencer marketing can increase sales. Our latest example is the Crookie, the French pastry craze that took over TikTok. in 2022 Parisian pastry chef Stephane Louvard stuffed cookie dough in a

Faceless Influencers: Trend or Here to Stay?

Have you noticed accounts with beautiful photos and tips but with no faces attached? This is the rise of faceless influencers and creators. What are Faceless Influencers? These social media ‘stars’ build followings without ever showing their faces. While the

Under-the-Radar Stats About TikTok Marketing You Need to Know

While TikTok’s explosive growth and engagement are widely acknowledged, several fascinating stats often slip under the radar, offering compelling insights for you as a marketer. Here are three hidden gems to fuel your TikTok strategy: Brands With Small Followings Can

Your Content Creation Psychic 8 Ball

Out of 10 pieces of content that you work really hard to create, let’s say that 9 of them get almost no attention whatsoever while one of them goes viral and gets shared hundreds or even thousands of times. Wouldn’t