Super Profitable Keyword Research for SEO Dummies

Let’s say that today you’re going to build a site in any popular niche you desire, and you have a choice: You can either build a site that has no guarantee of getting any free traffic from Google… …or one

Unlocking Google Traffic Growth: Your ChatGPT Hack

The struggle for search engine ranking is real. We pour our hearts into content, only to see it languishing on the lower rungs of the Google ladder. But what if there was a way to effortlessly boost your traffic, without

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Sometimes there simply is no choice – you’ve got to use Google Ads or Amazon Ads because that’s where you are. If you have a choice, then you might want to choose Amazon. Here’s why: Yes, Google Ads are the

Is Duplicate Content Secretly Hurting Your SEO?

And now for our non-sexy and yet important topic of the day – duplicate content on your website. I recently discovered some duplicate content issues on my website and thought I’d share what I learned with you. Having duplicate content

Improving Your Website Load Speed

Are your visitors experiencing slow load times on your website? Consider these tips to optimize your website’s performance and keep your audience engaged. Google Page Speed Insight: Analyzing Results When you run your website through Google Page Speed Insight, do