Case Study: Free Course Generates $200K a Month

The motto to this might be, “Why sell a product when you can make so much more money giving it away?” The idea itself is nothing new. In the late 90’s marketers were giving away PDF’s chock full of affiliate

Solitaire Game

Using Solitaire to Motivate Customers

Some people will love this idea and others won’t. If you have noticed that you get more done in less time when you’re in competition with a coworker, another affiliate or a joint venture partner, then you’ll love this. As

Membership Sites

Kindle’s Clue on Retaining Subscribers

Amazon’s Kindle has a program called Kindle Unlimited. For $9.95 a month, you can ‘rent’ 10 Kindle books at a time. It used to be a better deal than it is now, because fewer books are available on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s still a pretty good deal if you read a lot and you don’t want to keep copies of the books you read.

Membership Sites

How to Double Your Course Sign-ups

This will work for most any information product that you deliver over time.
For example, if you’re having a course with weekly classes, a training program in which you release one video every so often, or anything that is not released all at once, here is how to double your sign-ups.