Internet Marketing

The 80/20 Rule is Costing You Money

Have you heard of Pareto’s Law? He said that you get 80% of your results from 20% of what you do.
And I’m here to tell you that if you buy into this “Law,” then you’re losing money.

Internet Marketing

Why I Just Fell Out of My Chair

I just opted into the email list of a well-known marketer to get his 3 productivity secrets, and I noticed a couple of important points:
First, he never, ever mentions that you are getting a report. He simply refers to what you’re getting… 3 productivity secrets.

List Building

Killer Copy for Your ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ Page

It’s hard to know sometimes just what you’re supposed to put on each page of your funnel, including your, ‘thank you for subscribing’ page.
You need to reassure new subscribers that they did the right thing. You’ve got to let them know how to get the lead magnet. And you want to convince them to click on that email and follow the instructions.