15 Secrets of Persuasion to Help You Sell More Online

Persuasion is convincing someone to do something. Great persuasion is convincing them it’s their idea to do it.
The human brain can be influenced through its three systems of…primal (sex), emotions (empathy), rationalization (logic)

3 Go-To’s When You Run Out of Email Ideas

How many different ways can you write an email promoting your product? Or for that matter, promoting anything?
After a while it may seem like your emails to your lists are all sounding the same, and that’s probably because they are.

How to Survive Your Fist Hashtag Hijacking

During a presidential debate, the sitting U.S. President gave a shout out to a group called, “Proud Boys”.
When I think of ‘proud boys’, I imagine two year old boys in diapers who just used the potty for the very first time.

17.5 Methods to Earn Real Money Online

If you’ve been laid off from your regular job because of the pandemic or your regular business is slow right now, you might want to pick up some extra money using one of these methods.