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Do you see what I see?

A master was instructing his pupils and one day he said to them –
“When you look at me what do see? When you look in a mirror what do you see?”
The pupils were somewhat baffled by this cryptic statement, and after conferring amongst themselves one went to the master and asked – “Master, we don’t understand, what are you trying to teach us?”

Growing your business

TikTok Marketing in a Nutshell

TikTok is growing fast – it’s been downloaded 1.5 billion times and has 500 million active users who spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform. 90% of active users access TikTok at least once per day. Users are overwhelmingly young, with 66% of users under the age of 30.

Internet Marketing

Stop Writing Blogposts and Articles – Do This Instead

You’re going to think I’m splitting hairs on this one.
And maybe I am.
But if you’re tired of writing articles and blogposts, I’d like to propose a mind shift that’s helped me out immensely.
Instead of writing articles, write a column.

Information Publishing

Shocking Statistics, Idea Sex and Lucrative Questions

Fortunes are made when people think out of the box and ask questions no one else is asking. What happens when you pair X with Y to make Z? Sometimes nothing happens and other times fortunes are made. Pairing two ideas together to make a third is ‘idea sex.’ I don’t know who coined the term, but I’ve heard James Altucher use it often.