How to Create Your Own Social Media App

No doubt you’ve noticed all the social media platforms that are trying to compete with or replace Twitter. Developers see a vulnerable platform with millions of disgruntled users and recognize a huge opportunity. Which got me thinking… how would someone

Spectral Sales: A Marketer’s Ghostly Halloween Campaign

In the mysterious realm of cyberspace, where shadows danced across computer screens and whispers echoed through the digital corridors, there was an ambitious online marketer named Morgan. Morgan, a wiz of online promotions, decided to weave a spooky Halloween tale

Is Duplicate Content Secretly Hurting Your SEO?

And now for our non-sexy and yet important topic of the day – duplicate content on your website. I recently discovered some duplicate content issues on my website and thought I’d share what I learned with you. Having duplicate content

Improving Your Website Load Speed

Are your visitors experiencing slow load times on your website? Consider these tips to optimize your website’s performance and keep your audience engaged. Google Page Speed Insight: Analyzing Results When you run your website through Google Page Speed Insight, do

Tapping into the Anti-Influencer Market for Big Bucks

Influencer marketing has begun shifting in recent months and this change is opening up a whole new opportunity for marketers. Your typical influencer on social media is a twenty-something person who seems to have the ideal lifestyle. They are super-model