How To Write A Winning JV Proposal

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Now I could write a book telling you how to write a proposal that will bring in all the JV deals you’ll ever need. In fact I might do just that one day! But you don’t want to wade through pages and pages of fine detail do you? What you’d really like is a short, pithy example of exactly what to say, so you can get started on your next deal immediately. We can always look at the fine detail of proposal writing another time. So here goes ….

First, this is important: Below I’m going to give you a cut-and-paste template for a successful JV proposal letter. But NEVER use a standard letter as is. A form letter won’t be taken seriously. By all means base your letter on a template but be sure to personalise it for your recipient, their business and your product.


Dear (insert name of recipient here)


My name is (insert your name here). I’ve just visited your website at And I was so impressed with it I just had to write to you straightaway!

I also run my own website at And I would like to offer you a free copy of my latest product. I would also like to discuss the possibility of doing a joint venture deal with you that could offer you an extra, exciting income stream at no risk or cost.

Soon I will be releasing my new product (insert product name, price and short description here). Since we are both targeting the same market I was wondering if you would like to partner with me in a 50%-50% (possibly better) profit split by introducing my product to your list?

I’m sure you know how important and lucrative it can be to have more back end products. The (insert product name here) appeals to the same target market as yours so your current list will certainly be interested. Yet my product isn’t in direct competition with yours. By partnering up you will have a new quality product to sell AND you will be pulling more money from a list you already have. PLUS you will not have to spend your precious time developing a new product.

Deals like this have been known to produce response rates of 5%-10%, when the list owner endorses the product. This is why I suggest you try my product for free first – so you can ensure its quality. I am even willing to let your customers try it for 20% off the normal price!

I have also created and tested some very useful ads., e-mails, endorsements, articles and banners which you can use to market the product to your list. And I’m certain your customers will be really impressed that you’ve managed to find such a great offer for them!

To obtain a free copy of the (insert product name here)and to discuss the possibility of participating in this deal please contact me at your earliest convenience – my direct contact details are below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
(Insert your name here)
Tel: 020 0000 0000
Fax: 020 000 0000
Website :


A Few Important Points To Remember:

1. Your letter should be concise, get straight to the point and end with a ‘call to action’.

2. A personalised introduction shows your prospective partner it isn’t junk mail or spam.

3. By talking about back end products and response rates you will demonstrate you are a serious marketer.

4. Offering a free product and inviting them to check it over builds trust.

5. The ‘carrot‘ of a further discount ‘just for them‘ is a great technique. Successful marketers know and understand the value of special discounts.

6. Mentioning the ready made marketing tools you have shows them that the hard work is already done. All they have to do to make extra cash is slot your tools into their existing marketing!